Pharmacological management

Pharmacological management

Week 2 Project

Assigned student for this week for presentation

This will be done weekly and according to what we will be studying for that week, and will begin Week 2, and end Week 9.

Each student will be responsible for preparing one presentation on pharmacological management of the disease or pharmacological applications of a drug or group of drugs.

  1. Each student will clearly write a title for this topic. Examples are ‘Pharmacological Management of Deep Vein Thrombosis and/or Pulmonary Embolisms Using Anticoagulants/Thrombolytics and Nursing Implications’ or ‘Pharmacological Effects of Anti-hypertensive Medications in the Management of Hypertension and Nursing Implications’.
    • Nursing Implications are the nursing related consequences and what you as the nurse should be looking for in the treatment and care of your patient.
  2. Students must get their title approved by the professor before the deadline shown in your schedule. Unapproved titles will not be accepted
  3. The presentation must identify the Pharmacodynamic properties and actual/potential effects on the patient.Basic Principles of Pharmacology

    To understand the basic principles, it is first important to understand what each of them mean. Pharmacodynamics is defined as the effect of drugs on the body, including the concepts of drug-receptor interaction, drug-receptor activity, dose-response relationship, and drug potency and efficiency. Pharmacokinetics is the movement of the drug throughout the body and includes absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination.

    Absorption is the movement of a drug from its site of administration into the blood. Distribution is the movement of absorbed drug in bodily fluids throughout the body to target tissues, with the requirement of adequate blood flow. Metabolism is the chemical change of drug structure to enhance excretion, inactivate the drug, increase therapeutic action, activate a prodrug, and increase or decrease toxicity. The final pharmacokinetic concept is elimination which is the removal of the drug from the body by organs of elimination

    Rational Drug Selection

    Now that the underlying concepts of pharmacology have been covered, how then is the drug selected? The process includes first defining what the patient’s problem is, specifying the therapeutic objective, collaboration with the patient, choosing the treatment, educating the patient, and monitoring the effectiveness. Being current in evidence based practice is imperative in that medication therapy is constantly evolving.

    Adverse Drug Reactions
    Every drug has the potential to cause harm. Certain criteria can preclude the incidence of an adverse drug reaction including:

    · Age

    · Body mass

    · Gender

    · Environment

    · Time of Administration

    · Pathological State

    · Genetic factors

    · Psychological factors

    Types of Adverse Reactions

    · ADRs are categorized as types.

    · Type A are reactions that are predictable

    · Type B are allergic responses

    · Type 1 are anaphylactic and immediate

    · Type II are cytotoxic and also called an autoimmune response

    · Type III are complex immune reactions and are also called serum sickness

    · Type IV are cell mediated, delayed hypersensitivity

    · Type C are cumulative effects of a drug from chronic use

    · Type D are delayed reactions that not apparent initially after the drug is taken, and are teratogens and carcinogens

    Categories exist for the use of drugs during pregnancy

    Factors that Foster Positive Outcomes
    One of the most important factors in fostering positive outcomes is patient education. It is also key in promoting adherence to drug regimens, as well as involving the patient with the plan.

    Pharmacogenomics is the branch of pharmacology which deals with the influence of genetic variation on drug response in patients by correlating gene expression with a drug’s efficacy or toxicity. Specific variations include CYP 450 enzymes, P-Glycoprotein, and phenotypes.

    Keep in mind that food may affect drug absorption, drug metabolism, drug excretion and conversely may affect nutrient status. There are also foods that claim to have a medicinal effect when ingested. These include fiber, vitamins and minerals, fatty acids, plant sterols. And pre-probiotics and symbiotics.

    Herbal and Complementary Therapies
    Phytomedicine is the practice of using plants or plant parts to achieve a therapeutic cure. Primarily these are derived from a plant or one of it’s components. In addition, pharmacognosy is a part of pharmacology that uses the chemical from plants, molds, fungi, insets, and marine animals for medicinal purposes.

    As an advanced practice nurse, it is essential to remember that herbs, in the United States, are under the umbrella of foods and as such are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Since they are not regulated, there can be a wide variation in the components of the herbs,

    The condition must Over the Counter Medications

    All OTC drugs have the following characteristics:

    1. They must be safe

    2. They have low potential fpr misuse or abuse

    3. They have the ability to be managed just by the patient

    4. They can be labeled

    5. The patient must have the ability to self-diagnose the condition

    Concerns arise with these characteristics. The patient, being the one diagnosing, may be treating a serious illness that worsened due to lack of appropriate treatment. In addition just because the medication is over the counter does not mean there are not side effects, and that there may be drug interactions.

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