Medical Health Misinformation Among Those Incarcerated Paper

Medical Health Misinformation Among Those Incarcerated Paper

Assignment Content

  1. Incorporate feedback and recommendations received from course colleagues about the framework and significance of the study in this week’s discussions, and:
    • Input your updated framework in the “Topic Theories” section of the Prospectus Template.
    • Input your updated significance of the study discussion in the “Significance of the Study” section of the Prospectus Template.
  2. Provide a list of 5 to 10 references in APA format that are relevant to the proposed study in the “Topic Literature” section of the Prospectus Template. Include 1–2 sentences with each reference to describe the relevance of the literature to the proposed study.
  3. Describe the proposed process for collecting data from the research sample and from any archival sources in the “Research Data Collection Strategy” section of the Prospectus Template.
  4. Revise all sections of your Prospectus Template submitted in the Wk 7 – Prospectus: Research Methodology (Proposed Method and Design) and Research Questions assignment based on faculty feedback and the work you completed throughout this course.Checklist:

    Review the directions above to ensure you meet the objectives of the assignment.

  5. Revise the prospectus, as needed, based on feedback from previous weeks.
  6. Update your reference page to include any additional references.
  7. Cite any new sources included in your revisions.
  8. Format citations and references according to APA 7th-edition guidelines. Adhere to APA conventions by avoiding the use of first-person point of view.
  10. Framework
  11. Program of study: DHAProblem statement: The problem is the spread of medical health misinformation among those incarcerated, which has taken a great toll on those in custody and has increased negative consequences regarding detainees’ overall health (Southwell, Wood & Navar, 2020).Purpose statement: In this exploratory case study, the research aims to use a qualitative research design to explore a solution to misinformation about medical health within correction facilities. The study will use a stratified sampling method to engage 300 participants in an interview from ten correction facilities in Los Angeles, California (Swire-Thompson & Lazer, 2020). The primary objective is to understand the cause of medical health misinformation among those incarcerated. Conceptual framework: The three theories that are applicable to my research involve habits of the mind that cause individuals to learn a certain way, social forces that influence the thought process of the common individual, and a systematic strategy to help individuals learn and adapt to the changing times. Each of these theories points out key areas of influence that all people are subjected to when they are retaining information as their mind is developing; the same can be said for inmates and how they pick up certain concepts and opinions that shape how they view the world around them. The same can be said in how each individual picks and chooses the information that can be either fact or fiction; in some cases, people mistake the wrong information for fact and lead others to do the same without any evidence that proves beyond a reasonable doubt. Those who are in custody are just as likely to be given misleading information as those on the outside; however, when it comes to the topic of general health, the population that is held in custody is at far greater risk. Not only do inmates have misinformation about basic health, but such influences as family, friends, and even social media play a significant role in how each individual develops an opinion on what is true and what is not.My topic is to combat that and improve health education within such detention centers to prevent serious health issues and death. The best way to achieve such results is to not just interview these inmates to find the direct root of this problem but to also develop a better way to teach these inmates; finding the root of the issue is only half the battle, ensuring that it does not continue to happen is the other half. Showing facts will only go so far when it comes to teaching a concept of any kind; all individuals learn in various ways and have unique habits that will differ from others around them. By developing a strategy that will give the best results to each individual’s special teaching method, we can decrease the number of inmates that are led astray, and who put themselves at risk when it comes to injury or illness. With a well-mapped-out plan that underlines all factors that have affected each inmate, misinformation will not pose as much of a threat as it does now.
  13. Significants
  14. How might your study be significant for the scholarly community?
    • My research is important because it shows another world that is often neglected by not just the medical community, but society in general. Southwell, B., Wood, J., & Navar, A. (2020) Our job within the medical field is to promote a healthy lifestyle, which also includes those who are incarcerated; within the detention facility is a community full of individuals who are at risk of falling through the cracks due to misleading information regarding health. This is a very serious issue that imposes a great risk to those who have been taken into custody, as well as the staff that works with these detainees; my research will help scholars get inside the head of these individuals, and map out where such information took root and if there were other contributing factors. By exploring this topic, scholars will be able to correlate it to other factors that pose a serious risk to detainees’ health, and hopefully find a solution that works best for each person to learn basic health knowledge and beyond. The topic itself could also go into other topics in how people within society view health and the myths that come along with it; this will get at the very core of the issue and reveal the key factors that cause it.
  15. How might your study be significant for practitioners in your field of study?
    • Practitioners in my field are always looking to promote health and get the best information out to the public to prevent serious illnesses or injuries. Swire-Thompson, B., & Lazer, D. (2020) Healthcare in such facilities as prisons, detention centers, jails, and even holdings is a must, mainly because you have individuals that are in such close proximity to each other, and who often are not conducting very healthy practices. It is key to get inside an individual’s mind to understand why such actions occur, only then can there be any effort to change the individual’s habits; with detainees, it’s a combination of physical and mental health, both of which coincide to get the end results which can be negative or positive. These individuals were not always inside the facility, at one point they were outside and living a certain life that landed them into custody; getting to the very root or beginning of the individual’s thought process in obtaining information, can also show a greater problem that has unfortunately spread to those not in custody. The misleading information came from somewhere, and the best place to look would be outside and into an individual’s past; by grasping this concept, practitioners in my field will be able to investigate and correct any misleading information to those who are within the general public.
  16. How might your study be significant for leaders in your field of study?
    • Leaders in my field will be looking for a foundation to start with when discussing the best form of practice in health. Wang, Y., McKee, M., Torbica, A., & Stuckler, D. (2019) The research that I will be obtaining will be yet another step that is taken to fix a growing problem that many in the medical field are facing presently; what has taken decades to gain has been shattered due to recent events, and will more than likely continue to pose as a challenge for those in my field. It is no longer just finding a cure that has the medical community scrambling but preventing more deaths due to misinformation and many more who will live with the lasting consequences. There is a better way to educate people, even those who are kept locked away from the rest of the population; we within the medical community are striving to give the best care possible, but can not do so if we do not put an end to the increasing amount of misinformation. It is not going to be an easy task, but if there is at least a starting point then progress can be built upon it; my hope is to start with the lowest of society because they are the ones who suffer the most due to certain circumstances and because they are the most at risk when it comes to health in general.
  17. ReferencesSouthwell, B., Wood, J., & Navar, A. (2020). Roles for Health Care Professionals in Addressing Patient-Held Misinformation Beyond Fact Correction. American Journal of Public Health, 110(S3), S288-S289., B., & Lazer, D. (2020). Public Health and Online Misinformation: Challenges and Recommendations. Annual Review of Public Health, 41(1), 433-451.…Wang, Y., McKee, M., Torbica, A., & Stuckler, D. (2019). Systematic Literature Review on the Spread of Health-related Misinformation on social media. Social Science &Amp; Medicine, 240, 112552.

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