Week 2: Pediatric Grand Rounds Presentation and Discussion

A 10% late penalty will be imposed for discussions posted after the deadline on Wednesday, 11:59pm MT, regardless of the number of days late. NOTHING will be accepted after 11:59pm MT on Sunday (i.e. student will receive an automatic 0)

Total Points Possible: 110


1. In Weeks 2 & 6, you will create a video Powerpoint presentation, narrated in Kaltura, on a select topics assigned to you by your professor in week.

2. Please refer to the “How to use Kaltura” recording below. If you have technical issues, please contact your faculty or Tech Support. Make sure you click on the Screen & Webcam box to record in Kaltura.  For more information on Kaltura, see Resources.

3. In each presentation, a student must discuss the following:

· Pathophysiology, epidemiology, risk factors, and clinical assessment findings for the assigned topic

· A minimum of three (3) differential diagnoses, listed

· Typical clinical assessment findings for each assigned topic, in detail

· Any applicable diagnostic studies to confirm the diagnosis of the assigned topic. If not applicable, discuss why)

· Prevention (if not applicable, discuss why)

· Treatment including non-pharmacologic management and pharmacologic management (if not applicable, discuss why)

· Patient and/or family education

· Discuss best practices for optimal outcomes

4. The overall presentation must meet the following requirements:

· The presentation should be interesting, professional, and focused to the topic

· Lab coat and name tag/badge must be worn

· Visual aids should be included (i.e., pictures, charts, graphics, mindmap, algorithm, etc.)

· Utilize a minimal of six peer-reviewed scholarly articles from Chamberlain Online Library and/or current evidence-based clinical guidelines to support your findings.

5. Upload your presentation to the discussion board by Wednesday, 11:59 p.m. MT.

6. Begin facilitating discussion and continue to lead it throughout the week by posting three (3) open-ended questions on your topic. These should not be questions that can easily be answered by watching your presentation. The questions should add additional information to the discussion.


1. Interactive Dialogue with Peers (due by Friday 11:59 p.m. MT)

· Post a response to the presentation questions of at least two (2) peers on two (2) different days.

· Responses to peer presentation question should be insightful and substantive.

2. Interactive Dialogue with Faculty (due by Sunday 11:59 p.m. MT)

· Students must respond substantively to all faculty-directed question on three (3) separate posts. You must answer all questions from faculty directed at you on your presentation as well as answer the faculty questions on a minimal of two peer posts).

3. Ground Rounds Summary Criteria (due by Sunday 11:59 p.m. MT)

· Starting on Saturday, add summary post to the original grand rounds presentation that summarizes the discussion. Includes conclusions from the collective group discussion on the topic. Summary post is due Sunday before 11:59 p.m. MT, ** Do Not Post a Summary before Saturday** Peers need time to review presentations and respond. Summaries posted before Saturday will receive a zero for the Summary requirement criteria/category

Category Points % Description
Introduction 10  9% Introduction of chosen grand rounds topic includes a detailed review of pathophysiology, epidemiology, and risk factors.
Clinical Assessment 5 4.5% Four (4) typical clinical assessment findings for the chosen topic are included, in detail.
Differential Diagnoses 10 9% A minimum of three (3) differential diagnoses are listed and discussed in detail
Diagnostic Studies/Labs 5 4.5% Diagnostic studies and laboratory tests that can be used to confirm diagnosis are listed with rationale included
Prevention and Treatment Options 10 9% Prevention AND treatment options, including first line medication and non-pharmacological options are presented
Education 10 9% Patient AND family education are discussed in detail with rationales
Identify Outcomes 5 4.5% Describe optimal outcomes after treatment with suggested medication, including expected follow up care.

Lead Discussion


10 9%

Student fully facilitates a discussion relevant to the presentation topic by incorporating three (3) open-ended discussion questions for peers


Questions posed allow students to apply additional concepts or explore additional information relevant to the topic

Interactive Dialogue with Student Peers


10 9%

Interactive Dialogue with Student Peers

Student responds substantively with additional insight to peer presentations

· Student responds to at least two different peer presentations

· Student responses are on at least two (2) different days

· Student fully answers all three questions posted by a peer

(4 required elements)

Interactive Dialogue with Faculty


10 9% Student responds substantively with additional insight to all faculty directed questions on three (3) separate posts with the following criteria: Student must answer all questions faculty asks on the student’s post and all questions asked by faculty on a minimal of two (2) peers’ post.
Summary Requirement 10 9% Starting on Saturday, add summary post to the original grand rounds presentation that summarizes the discussion. Includes conclusions from the collective group discussion on the topic. Summary post is due Sunday before 11:59 p.m. MT, ** Do Not Post a Summary before Saturday** Peers need time to review presentations and respond. Summaries posted before Saturday will receive a zero for the Summary requirement criteria/category
  95 86% Total CONTENT Points= 95pts
Category Points % Description
Evidence Based Research Articles 10 9% Include six (6) evidence-based support (within last 5 years). Three (3) must be peer reviewed journal articles from Chamberlain Online Library. The remaining three (3) may be scholarly evidence including journal articles, research articles and/or clinical practice guidelines from reputable source(s) for the student’s own presentation
Presentation Development 5 4.5% Overall presentation is clear, concise, and organized; demonstrated ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; recorded in Kaltura.Lab coat and name badge present. Visual aid is present during presentation.
  15 14% Total FORMAT Points=  15pts
  110 100% DISCUSSION  TOTAL= 110 points

**To see view the grading criteria/rubric, please click on the 3 dots in the box at the end of the solid gray bar above the discussion board title and then Show Rubric.


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