Critical Appraisal Of Research

Critical Appraisal Of Research

Based on your appraisal of articles(which is attached), in a 1-2-page critical appraisal, suggest a best practice that emerges from the research you reviewed.

Briefly explain the best practicejustifying your proposal with APA citations of the research (the citations in attached appraisal must be used) You can also add any others including the other references at bottom of page. Must be within last 5 years and professional references

Use APA format. All paragraphs must have 3 or more sentences.

To include:

Title Page

Introductory paragraph. State the purpose of the paper in the last sentence in one concise statement and is specific to the assignment..

Critical appraisal (see following) -The responses accurately and clearly suggest a detailed best practice that is fully aligned to the research reviewed.

The responses accurately and clearly explain in detail the best practice, with sufficient justification of why this represents a best practice in the field. The responses provide a complete, detailed, and specific synthesis of resources reviewed on the best practice explained. Must have at least 4-5 references (4 are from what was reviewed

Accurate, complete, and full APA citations are provided for the research reviewed.

Conclusion –at the end of your paper before your reference page



additional references you can use

-Ferris, A., Price, A., & Harding, K. (2019). Pressure ulcers in patients receiving palliative care: A systematic review. Palliative Med, 33 (7), 770-782.

-McGinnis E, Brown S, Collier H, Faulks P, Gilberts R, Greenwood C, et al. Pressure Relieving Support SUrfaces: a Randomised Evaluation 2 (PRESSURE 2) photographic validation sub‐study: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Trials 2017;18(1):132

-Norman, G., Dumville, J. C., Moore, Z. E., Tanner, J., Christie, J., & Goto, S. (2016). Antibiotics and antiseptics for pressure ulcers. Cochrane Library.

-Schlüer, A. B. (2017). Pressure ulcers in maturing skin–a clinical perspective. Journal of tissue viability, 26(1), 2-5.

Critical Appraisal of Research Articles on Evidence-Based Practice

Full APA formatted citation of the selected article Article 1 Article 2 Article 3 Article 4
  Barakat-Johnson M., Lai M., Wand T. & White K. (2019). A qualitative study of the thoughts and experiences of hospital nurses providing pressure injury prevention and management. Collegian, 26(1), 95-102. Park S. H., Lee Y. S. and Kwon, Y. M. (2016). Predictive validity of pressure ulcer risk assessment tools for the elderly: A meta-analysis. Western Journal of Nursing Research, 38(4), 459-483. Boyko T., Longaker M. T., and Yang G. (February 1, 2018). Review of the current management of Pressure Ulcers. Journal of Advances in Wound Care, vol. 7, issue No. 2. Pages 57-67. Ferris, A., Price, A., & Harding K. (2019). Pressure ulcers in patients receiving palliative care: A systematic review. Palliative Medicine, 33(7), 770-782.
Level of evidence of the article Level 4 evidence. The article provides a summary of the individual thoughts and experiences regarding the issue of pressure ulcers Level 2 evidence. The information comes from the meta-analysis of all the relevant and randomized, as well as the controlled trials. Level 1 evidence. The article offers evidence from the systematic review of the randomized as well as the controlled trials from the experiments. Level 1 evidence. The information is evidence from the systematic reviews of trials that have been relevant and controlled while the researchers were trying to carry out the research.
Conceptual Framework The theoretical basis that led to the research was an increased number of injuries resulting from pressure ulcers, and this led to the need for having a study to find the ways that were effective for preventing such occurrences. The theoretical framework that led to this study was that pressure ulcers have become a major challenge and a challenging goal when it came to providing healthcare for pressure ulcer patients. Therefore, it led to the need to have a study that could deal with the challenge. The theoretical framework that necessitated this research was the incidence of pressure ulcers that were increasing because of the poor and aging population as well as the elderly that were living with incidences of disability. Pressure ulcers were highly associated with significant mortality and morbidity and high costs of healthcare services, and this led to the need for a study to review the situation.
Design/Method A qualitative and exploratory design using semi-structured interviews. Sampling was also done and used for obtaining the participants and information from the relevant individuals of the study. A qualitative study was used in analyzing the situation. A systematic review was also carried out and involved a meta-analysis of 29 studies that used three pressure assessment tools like Waterflow scales, Braden, and Norton tools. A qualitative study was undertaken, and this revealed essential information concerning the issue of pressure ulcers and the causation as well as the preventative measures that would be undertaken. A systematic review was carried out and meant to quantify the incidence and prevalence of pressure ulcers in individuals that were receiving palliative care.
Sample/Setting Voluntary participation was involved, and patients that had suffered from pressure ulcers were mainly used, and these provided essential information regarding the situation being examined. Elderly individuals were mainly used in this study. The inclusion criterion involved the use of patients that were suffering from the situation and those that had recovered from the instance. The exclusion criterion was the avoidance of young people since they had never been involved in such a situation. The elderly individuals, especially those that were suffering from pressure ulcers or those that had faced a similar ordeal, were involved in the study. The inclusion criterion was using elderly people, while the exclusion criterion involved avoiding people that had not been affected by the situation. Elderly individuals that were receiving palliative care and those that were exposed to the risks of ulcer development. The young individuals were excluded while the elderly and vulnerable were highly involved.
Major Variables Studied The notable variables that were used in this case included age and gender as well as different levels of education and occupations or job positions. The notable inclusion that was used was individuals who had experienced the situation, and the notable exclusion that was utilized was the underaged and those that never faced the situation. The notable variables involved in this case included the age and gender where the underaged were avoided, and the aspect of gender involved the use of both the male and female individuals although they were in different age brackets. Major variables involved in the study were the age brackets and the time that the individuals had been exposed to the incidence of the pressure ulcers. Age, gender, and education levels were involved, whereby people of different ages, genders, and levels of education were involved.
Measurement The essential tests that were done included the kind of medicine that had been used in treating the patients and the manner that the various drugs administered to the patients influenced their recoveries. Risk assessment tools involved in this case included those that were meant for evaluating the accuracy of predictability, especially in elderly adults. Primary statistics involved in answering the study question entailed the identification of people that had faced the incidence, the causes, and the preventative measures that aided in their recovery. Various data sources were identified, and information from these sources was analyzed to bring the essential information and data that were required for the study.
Data Analysis Statistical or Qualitative findings The statistical and the qualitative findings that were found in this situation entailed education initiatives being important for dealing with pressure ulcers. It was also found that activities like mobility and hospital settings were important for facilitating the survival of the patients. A qualitative and quantitative analysis of data were utilized in this case. A qualitative style of data analysis was employed, and it found that pressure ulcers are highly associated with the inability of individuals, especially the elderly, to move and could be dealt with by embracing preventive dressing strategies. Data were analyzed using a quantitative study design, which was important for the analysis.
Findings and Recommendations It was found that various measures and practices were important for preventing the pressure ulcers from the various individuals that were facing the problem of pressure ulcers   Pressure ulcers mainly develop from a combination of external conditions and physiologic events. It was also found that the causative factors of the situation involved the presence of sores on the body of an individual. Pressure ulcers are associated with individuals that are not receiving essential health care and those that are exposed to the predisposing factors of such ulcers.
Key findings The major findings were that preventive dressing was important for preventing pressure ulcers. The other findings were that issues like education and enlightenment of the patients were important for helping the patients recover from the situation. Commonly utilized tools for screening for pressure ulcers were found to have limitations concerning their accuracy and validity, especially when used with the older adults because of the heterogeneity that was involved in the various studies. Pressure ulcers are associated with certain factors. Despite the existence of the situation, pressure ulcers are highly preventable. Pressure ulcers are preventable, especially by using preventive dressing strategies of caring for the patients.
Outcomes Patients that followed the preventive dressing procedures recovered from the pressure ulcers. Despite the heterogeneity of the study, the relevant information obtained was that pressure ulcers are likely to affect the elderly, and there was a high need for preventing such an incidence. Patients that followed the instructions involved in pressure ulcers managed to recover from the menace. The implication is that the situation can be managed. Patients that are given essential care and preventive measures recover while those not involved in essential care strategies are likely to suffer the most.
General Notes/Comments The article is highly relevant as it deals with the issue of pressure ulcers appropriately. The study was effective as risk assessment tools were highly applicable, especially when it came to assessing the risks of pressure ulcers that the patients were facing. The article is highly relevant as it allows for further study to identify the mitigating factors that could be undertaken to prevent pressure ulcers. The article is relevant and reliable as it offers an interlink between poor medication and the issue of pressure ulcers, especially in elderly individuals.


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