Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner Employment Contract Critique

Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner Employment Contract Critique

review and analyze Family Nurse Practitioner employment contract according to the outline criteria:

  • Scope of services to be performed and population (pediatrics, geriatrics, family, etc.)
  • Compensation
    • Travel compensation
    • Gas/mileage
    • Cancellations
    • On call time
    • Bonuses
  • Duration of employment
  • How the agreement can be altered or updated
  • Responsibility for maintaining and paying for credentials
  • Benefits
    • Time off and expenses for continuing education
    • Vacation time
    • Paid conferences or CME
  • Restriction on competition
  • Reasons for termination
  • Extent of support service to be offered to the NP
  • Expectations regarding the number of patients seen per day
  • Expectations regarding non-clinical work to be done by NP
  • Release to the NP of the NPs quality performance as measured by health plan auditors

This should be an APA formatted paper, and the above items should be listed as section headings where the student will give a brief critique under each section of the contract. As with any scholarly paper, there should be an introduction and conclusion. There should be evidence of analysis (not simply reporting the facts about the contract) by means of comparing some items (i.e. salary) to national or regional norms. Some of the sections may be combined. If the contract is missing a section, note this in the critique. Include the sample contract in the Appendix.

Contract attached


  • Length: Approximately 1000-1500 words;  6-7 pages, double-spaced, not counting the Appendices
  • Style Format: APA format with title page and references

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Nurse Practitioner Employment Contract



The following party shall here in be referred to as “Corporation”

<Enter Corporation Name and Address Here>


The following party shall here in be referred to as “EMPLOYEE”or “NP”

<Enter Name and Address of Nurse Practitioner Here>



The contract duration is for one year with option for renewal for five (5) years thereafter.



The contracted position will be paid at a Salary rate of $_________ per year.

The contract will be renewed the sixth month after review of the employee’s performance.

Paychecks will be issued biweekly.


The consideration of a bonus will be determined yearly based upon the assessment of the productivity, performance review, and financial status of the Corporation. There will be no guarantee of bonus payment, however the Corporation maintains the philosophy that the value of an employee must be assessed and the reward for the production of a job well done should be recognized with a financial reward.


The termination of this contract may be made under the following conditions.

Violation of State or Federal Law

Breach of the Contract by either Party

Performance of the NP

Desire to Leave the Practice for Personal Reasons

Financial Considerations of the Corporation

In the event either party desires to dissolve the agreement they should provide the reason for the dissolution in writing to the other party with a minimum of 60 days notice. In the event a unreconcillable condition arises between the parties which cannot be resolved within this time frame the parties may seek mediation to resolve the time parameter differences for the dissolution of the contract for employment.

Immediate termination with cause may be made if there exist any legal or material impediments to the delivery of patient care by the NP which may include conditions which would potentially jeopardize the safety of the patients or place the corporation at unexpected financial or legal risk.


Because of the special skills and information regarding pain management which would be gained by the NP through employment, it is necessary to invoke a non-compete agreement. In the event of dissolution or termination of the contract the following non compete clause shall begin and remain in effect for two years. The NP shall not maintain or be employed in the Practice of Pain Management within a 50 mile radius of any of the corporation clinical practice locations. The NP may continue to practice in these areas, however the total percentage of patients being seen for pain management in any subsequent practice of the NP will not exceed 10 (ten) percent. The NP shall not during the two year period following termination of the contract with corporation divert, coerce, or recruit patients involved in the medical practice of corporation. For the two year period after termination of the contractual agreement with the corporation, the NP will refrain from treatment of all patients seen at corporation either individually or collectively, unless otherwise agreed to by corporation in writing.


Annual performance evaluation of the NP shall be given for the purpose of improvement of the NP performance in the work place. This evaluation shall include but not limited to the review 5% of the patient electronic medical records of the NP by the physicians of the practice for the following information:




*Compliance with applicable State and Federal Guidelines regarding prescriptive issues

The second component of the evaluation will include input from co-workers regarding interoffice communication, flexibility, and overall personability.

The third component of the evaluation will include a self-assessment and creation of an annual plan regarding professional goals for the up coming year.


The corporation may request the availability of the NP when the Physician is out of town for the purpose of providing emergent patient assessment and referral. These On Call scenarios should be planned with the NP. The mutual goal of maintaining 24 hour a day, 7 day a week patient care shall be considered the most important issue in the vigilance of consistent patient care. The physician shall be available for telephone consultation at all times to the NP in the event of that the NP is on-call. The Physician will provide the NP with the information necessary to contact him during these time periods.

The corporation defines the purpose of an On Call NP is to provide emergent patient assessment and treatment only.

The calling in of Prescriptive medication has been and will continue to be deferred to a scheduled appointment, noting it is the responsibility of the patient to maintain his/her medications at an appropriate quantity through planned scheduled appointments.


The corporation will staff the offices Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 4:30 p.m. The duties and responsibilities of the office personnel are to maintain patient assistance at check –in, telephone handling, patient scheduling, and the direction of patient flow through the clinic day. See the delineation of office duties in the job descriptions of the following:


The hours of employment are as follows:

Monday through Friday

8:00 am to 4:30 p.m.

Saturday – hours to be arranged with mutual consent to accommodate the patient population and not paid at any additional rate. Saturday hours are only scheduled when it is deemed necessary by the President to accommodate the patient load and not as a regular event. Saturday hours will be no more than one per month and arranged with the consideration of the employee request given the request has been made is reasonable, reflecting the consideration of the office needs.

The position will be paid at a salaried rate the expectation that the hours worked reflect full time employment and may require more than 40 hours. Those hours worked beyond a 40-hour work week will not be paid at any additional rate, however deference will be given to the NP in that overall the average workweek for the year will be 40 hours.


Paid time off for all salaried employees include the following days which are not compulated as vacation.



3. JULY 4 TH ( Except when it occurs on a Saturday or Sunday then the holiday will be observed on either Friday or Monday)







In the event of an acute illness reasonable notice should be given to the employer. The primary practice physician should be contacted personally either at his home or by pager. Excessive calls concerning the use of unscheduled time off for repeated illnesses require the documentation of your Primary Care Physician. The allowable yearly maximum will be no more than 4 days. If the illness requires hospitalization, surgery, or other medical intervention requiring recovery time suggested by the Physician rendering the care he/she should convey these medical requirements to the primary practice physician in writing within one month of the planned medication intervention. More than 4 days of unscheduled time off for illness will result in use of paid vacation days to be used for the occurrences. When the vacation days are exhausted then reduction of benefits and /or dismissal will be reviewed on an individual basis giving consideration of the circumstances and the demands of the practice.


First year of employment two weeks of vacation will be included in the salaried employee benefits plan.

The salary will include the vacation benefit and no additional monetary benefit will be paid.

Third year of employment the addition of a third week of vacation will accrue.

Fifth year of employment the addition of a fourth week of vacation will accrue.

Vacation time will be scheduled with a minimum notice of 6 weeks, the more notice given to the designee of the corporation will be greatly appreciated for the adjustment of patient and physician schedules. The vacation times request should be made in writing to the corporation and include the complete dates of your request including weekday and weekend dates. All reasonable requests will be considered and approval of the requested vacation time will be made available to the employee within one week of submitting the written request.


Request for personal leave will be considered and vacation time will be used for the requested days off.

Request for unpaid time off may be considered if there is no significant interruption in patient care and does not pose a significant burden to the daily operation of the corporation.


The corporation is committed to the continuation of educational endeavors with in the realm of Pain Management. The corporation will schedule the educational seminars for the advancement of the employee in the practice. Should the employee desire to attend an educational offering unrelated to the practice of Pain Management sufficient course information should be submitted to the corporation for review and approval.

The corporation will cover the cost inclusive transportation, lodging, and meals for Continuing Education at one week for the purpose of Continuing Medical Education.


Memberships to Professional organizations are not a condition of employment, however it is expected certain key organizations and certifications should be achieved from time to time by the NP as evidence of both professional advancement and continuing education. The corporation will review memberships to such organizations and corporate funding will be allocated through an application process. Submit the require documentation for the requested organization including the nature of the membership and associated fees.


Current Indiana License is required prior to employment and will be verified by the Management. It is the responsibility of the employee to maintain his/her current Indiana License and submit a copy of the document prior to gainful employment. Failure to maintain this documentation as current will necessarily result in immediate cessation of salary and benefits until corrections are made.

Payment for Health Professions Bureau fees will be issued to this agency by the corporation.


All state and federally regulated prescriptive fees and documentation of DEA and state narcotic licenses are a condition of employment and must be submitted to the Management prior to employment for verification. Current copies of these documents shall be kept on file for immediate review at all times.

Payment for Health Professions Bureau “Prescriptive Authority Advanced Practice Nurse” will be issued to this agency by the corporation. The following are included Prescriptive authoritiy, controlled substances registration fees and DEA licensure verification.


Communication devices will be supplied by the Corporation and will remain property of said Corporation for the duration of employment. The devices provided shall not be used for Personal communication and shall be returned to the Employer upon departing from the Corporation. It is the responsibility of the employee to maintain the equipment in good condition and report any defects, problems or malfunction.

Repairs and replacement of the device will be the responsibility of the Corporation.


Transportation will be the responsibility of the employee. Transportation will only be provided when the employee is out of town for the purpose of attending a meeting, conference, and or education offering required by the Corporation. All receipts of the transportation will be required for reimbursement by the Corporation. Transportation should be arranged prior to the travel and an estimation of the cost and duration made at that time. When at all possible the Corporation will made these reservations and provide the information concerning the transportation prior to departure to the traveling parties.

Transportation to the satellite offices will be the responsibility of the employee.

Dependable transportation is an expectation for employment.


Medical Insurance:

The employee within the financial parameters defined by the Corporation may determine the type of plan selected. The plan identified by the employee should be submitted to the Corporation for review.

The information to be submitted to the Corporation should include type of plan, cost, and a contact person with the said insurance company.

Malpractice Insurance:

The employee will be carried on the primary physician’s Medical Malpractice Insurance for the duration of their employment. It is the option of the NP to purchase at their own expense, separate malpractice coverage.

The Following Malpractice Insurance Company should be able to answer any question you may have concerning the policy. Upon employment the Corporation will provide a copy of the updated addition of the employee’s coverage.



The corporation will bill the Nurse Practitioner’s fees for the duration of the contractual agreement. It will be the responsibility of the employee to properly code the patient superbill on the electronic medical record computer software. Training on the system will be provided to the employee.

Information Systems Security Agreement shall be signed between the employee and the Corporation.

The corporation shall maintain sole ownership of any and all patient charts, mailing lists, and electronic – computerized information concerning patient data. The use of said information outside the practice shall be construed as a violation of the Patient’s HIPPA. rights and shall be prosecuted as such.

Promotion of the Company:

The employee shall represent the Corporation in a professional manner and as a representative of the company the following methods of advertising may be employed for the continued promotion of our corporate philosophy.

Newspaper Advertisements

Business Cards

Misc. other printed materials to promote the business for the general public.

The inclusion of the employee’s name and credentials may be used in the promotion of the Corporation.

The employee shall have the opportunity to review all material which contain his/her professional /personal identification. The employee written and/or verbal approval should be obtained in a reasonable time for the printing of the material. Objections or suggestions for the material will be given careful consideration prior to printing.

Promotion of the corporation may require attendance of various local and regional activities. The Nurse Practitioner may be asked to participate in the activity. The coordination of such events will be made with the approval and availability of the Nurse Practitioner. The NP should make an attempt to attend these functions given ample time and space in the schedule. Weekend events should be schedule in advance and coordinated with the NP. Weekend promotional commitments are not mandatory and will not influence the practitioner’s employment status with the corporation.


The primary physician of the practice or any designated legal physician agent of the corporation, will execute a cooperative agreement for the purpose of satisfying legal requirements for the continuing practice of the NP.


_______________________________________ _______________________________________

MD Date FNP-C Date


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Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner Employment Contract Critique

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Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner Employment Contract Critique

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